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Wire Rope Industries Distribution - WR ProDrill Brand

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We have endeavored to include every product that we have or consistently sell to the exploration diamond drillers in northwestern Ontario

  • We offer a complete selection of:
  • Wireline core barrel parts, B W/L, BTW, N W/L N W/L2, H W/L and some P W/L
  • Wireline cable and accessories
  • Casing and drill rod
  • Diamond tools, reaming shells, casing shoes, casing bits, locking couplings
  • Diamond Impregnated drill bits
  • Hoisting plugs and swivels
  • Water line, suction line, Hydraulic hose and fittings
  • Drilling fluids- Drilling muds and mud mixers
  • Ridgid pipe wrenches and misc tools used by the exploration diamond drillers
  • Environmental abosorbents
  • Misc tools equipment and consumables


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