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Wire Rope Industries Distribution - WR ProDrill Brand

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Hoist Cables

Item Dia Lgth. Rope



Live End
010NR-65SF 5/8 65 18x7 Ferr Socket
010CP18-070S 5/8 70 CP18 Plain Socket
010NR-070F 5/8 70 18x7 Plain Ferr-DD
010NR-070FF 5/8 70 18x7 Ferr Ferr-DD
010NR-070S 5/8 70 18x7 Plain Socket
16S-070F 16.0 70 34x7 Plain Ferr-DD
16S-070S 16.0 70 34x7 Plain Socket
16S-070SF 16.0 70 34x7 Ferr Socket
010NR-075F 5/8 75 18x7 Plain Ferr-DD
010NR-075S 5/8 75 18x7 Plain Socket
010NR-080SF 5/8 80 18x7 Ferr Socket
010NR-090FF 5/8 90 18x7 Ferr Ferr-DD
010NR-090SF 5/8 90 18x7 Ferr Socket
16S-090S 16.0 90 34x7 Plain Socket
16S-115F 16.0 115 34x7 Plain Ferr-DD
16S-115S 16.0 115 34x7 Plain Socket


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