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12HH Chuck

1 U551000 12HH Chuck Less Jaws
1A DDY-301601 Jaws- B Rod
1B DDU-301602 Jaws- N Rod
1C DDU-301603  Jaws- NW Casing- H Rod
1D DDU-301606 Jaws- BW Casing
1E DDU-30200 Jaws Retaining Ring 5-5/16"
3 DDU-550001  Actulator Sleeve
4 DDU-550003 Top Cap Holder
5 DDU-550004 Top Cap Adaopter
6 DDU-550005 Chuck Bowl
7 DDU-550006 Chuck Housing
8 DDU-550007 Cylinder
9 DDU-550008 Chuck Adapter
10 DDU-550009 Back Up Ring
11 DDU-550010 Piston
12 DDU-550011 Top Spacer
13 DDU-550012 Bottom Spacer
14 DDU-550013  Key Locking Spring
15 DDU-550014 Retaining Ring
16 DDU-550015 Key
17 DDU-550016 CR- Radial Shaft Seal
18 DDU-550017 U-Cup Seal
19 DDU-550018 Wear Ring
20 DDU-550019  V-Ring
21 DDU-550020 Wear Ring
22 DDU-550021 V-Ring
23 DDU-550023 Spring
24 DDU-550024 Thrust Bearing
25 WB2120  Grease Nipplie
26 CSG8-008-13X2.25
27 CSG8-008-13X4.5
28 CSG8-008-13X6.5
29 CSG8-008-13X8
30 CSG8-012-10X1.5
31 NUT8-008-13


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